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Arndale Chaplaincy

What is the Chaplaincy for?


Anyone working in and coming to the Arndale Shopping Center.


Who are the Chaplains?


The Chaplains are members of various Christian churches, and have all been recommended for this role by the minister of their own church. They have been given, or are in the process of being given, training in listening skills, but in all cases have been recognized for their pastoral heart and concern for the community.


What do the Chaplains do?


The Chaplains are there to listen to anything you may wish to talk about, such as:-


  • Personal illness

  • Family issues and relationships

  • Bereavement

  • Money worries

  • Legal concerns

  • Benefits

  • Stress resulting from work

  • Wider issues

  • Spiritual life


The Chaplains will do all they can to help you. However, they may not have the answer to your particular question, if they are not able to help you directly, they do have access to other agencies who may be able to assit you further if you so wish.